Welcome to summer in Snowmass! Im Mike and this is my wife Tina. We want to share with you everything we know about our favorite vacation spot!

Treat yourself to the summer vacation of a lifetime! Visit Snowmass Colorado this Summer!

If you’ve only been during the winter your in for an amazing experience! All the biking, hiking, rafting & exploring you can imagine with a perfect 70-ish temperature.

What’s it like? I’m glad you asked! Snowmass is a resort town with an outdoor shopping mall, restaurants, craft beer joints, cafes, gift shops, bike rentals and everything you’ll need for a summer outdoor adventure! There are free shuttles back and forth from Aspen and other popular destinations, so you can do very little driving if you choose.

Day hiking essentials – suggestions on what to bring for a day hiking


The benefits of hiking

Theres much, much more! Free outdoor concerts, awesome dining and free shuttle transportation to nearby Aspen & world famous Maroon Bells. click Music on the mountain for outdoor concert information.

It was surprising to find a huge yin yang on top of the Rim Trail

The Rim

Snow mass has changed my idea of everything I thought a vacation should be. When I hike and explore these sunny mountains I found that the beauty I was looking for was on the inside, it just takes a large enough mirror to see it.


The ultimate rush – click here for the low down on white water fun in Snowmass!

Please enjoy all the pictures & places I’ll be posting. I will also include links and names of people and places you can connect with if your ever fortunate enough to visit. You may find that you’ll never want to leave!


         Hike Snowmass! It’s the highest high!

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